We have a simple business philosophy: Make building easier. DeLuxe Building Solutions is America’s premier one-stop-shop for large-scale, off-site steel construction. Our fully-integrated, systems-built process known as DeLuxe-Built simplifies any type of commercial real estate project to offer superior construction advantages and the opportunity to finance your project directly through DeLuxe.

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Ready to start your project, and see it completed at less cost and less time? Let us tell you how.

The DeLuxe-Built One-Stop Turnkey Solution

The DeLuxe-Built Program is a single-source, design-build, guaranteed-price construction arrangement offering:

Risk-Free Pre-Construction

Seamless Customization

Efficient Builds

Direct Financing

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Deluxe-Built offers a one-stop solution which saves time and money.


Systems built construction has superior construction advantages.


Deluxe-Built promotes sustainability and responsibility through environmentally friendly construction techniques.

modular savings add up


cost savings


schedule savings

quality/average change orders

safety/average incidents

  • Conventional Construction Schedule 100%
  • Modular Construction Schedule 50%