The Deluxe-Built process has evolved commercial modular construction. Our streamlined construction process lets us deliver projects 50% sooner and at 20% less cost than traditional site-built buildings.

  • Hundreds of pre-engineered design templates
  • Wide range of interior and exterior finishing options
  • Streamlined preconstruction phases
  • Quicker acquisition of permits and occupancy certificates
  • Less onsite construction, material waste and trim
  • Less financing during construction phrase
  • Get to market up to 50% faster
  • Fully turnkey projects with guaranteed maximum price options


Simultaneous site development and building construction has buildings open up to 50% sooner with 25% – 30% savings and earlier revenue generation!

The benefits don’t stop there.

Efficiency shouldn’t require compromises in quality. Let us show you the advanced materials and processes we use to take construction into the 21st Century.