Modular construction is quality construction. The entire DeLuxe-Built process is predicated on efficient builds without any compromises on quality. We use advanced materials and methods throughout the building process.

Cutting edge fabrication technology

Fabrication of the modules occurs in our offsite, 250,000 square foot climate- controlled facility. Building modules are built using digitized, 3D plans and incorporates state of the art Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies and processes. The combination of controlled environments and BIM processes means that designs can be built to much tighter tolerances than traditional construction.


We work hand in hand with you to pick all the right finishes from our extensive collection of cabinetry, millwork, flooring, stone, ceramic, wall covering, sanitary ware, countertops, appliances and more. This means nearly endless levels of customization all pre-engineered to fit our modules. From builder’s standards to high-end designer, we’ll help you choose what’s right and within your budget for your target market.


Scaling shouldn’t require compromises in quality. With traditional construction, if a building needs to expand in size or scope of purpose, the engineering requirements to do so can be prohibitive and costly. But with systems fundamental design, the ability to expand is built into each project. Modularity facilitates scalability, providing commercial buildings with longer overall lifetimes and a wider range of suitable purposes and occupants. All with an unwavering commitment to quality.

methods & materials

DeLuxe builds using two unique steel modular construction systems: we use a structural steel frame for strength and stability, and state-of-theart, sustainable, mold resistant, energy efficient materials and finishes for durability and comfort.


Steel creates buildings that are exceptionally strong, stable, and durable.


Steel doesn’t burn. When combined with residential fire suppression systems, it meets building codes nationwide while earning a reduction in Fire Safety Insurance premiums.


Steel neither expands nor contracts substantially under normal conditions and is produced to consistent national standards.


Steel is immune to mold and wood-infesting insects that can create serious maintenance and health issues. It also won’t rot, warp, crack or split.

Reducing our carbon imprint.

Quality materials mean strength, but also longer building lifetimes and less environmental impact. Let us show you how we integrate Green Building Standards into our processes.